Barbed Wire: Wire fencing that is constructed with barbs or points. Most often used in fencing for agricultural purposes.

Chain Link: A fence made from steel posts and chain link fencing.

Coextrusion: The manufacturing process that uses to molecularly bond the ingredients into two layers. These layers are fused through extreme heat and pressure and cannot be physically separated. Coextrusion allows the product to have the ability to control the placement of the majority of the UV inhibitor TiO2 to the outside where it is exposed to the sun. The “layers” are molecularly bonded during the process and cannot physically be separated. The product quality and color are true throughout.

Corner Post: The post that sits at the corner where two lines of fencing meet.

Cross fencing: Fence lines that divide pastures within a piece of property.

Double Swing Gate: A hinged gate with two leaves, most often used to gate driveways or other areas that demand a wide gate.

End Post: A fence post that is only punched on one side and marks the end of a line of fencing. End posts are used as the terminal post or as gate posts.

Electric Fence: Any fence through which an electric current is run, usually to keep livestock or animals inside a perimeter.

Eye Top: In chain link fencing the eye top is a cap for a line post that has a loop through which to pass the top rail.

Fence Line: The actual position of the fence.

Fence Laying: Delivering materials to the fence line and laying them out before the job starts.

Fencing Pliers: Pliers made specifically for fencing projects. Especially helpful when installing wire fencing.

Fence Tie: Ties that are used in chain link fencing to attach the fence to the line posts.

Gate: structure that allows access through the fence.

Impact modifiers: An important ingredients for Vinyl products. We add just enough flexibility to our vinyl so that our fences will flex under impact but not sag over a period of time or during the heat of the day. We reinforce many fence styles with rustproof steel inserts to assure strength and stability. These fences are designed to look like new, even after years of use.

Lattice Fencing: Wood fencing, usually cedar, constructed of prefabricated lattice panels.
Line Post: A post between terminal posts that provides support for the fence.

Ornamental Fencing: Any fence that is made of, or imitates, a cast iron fence. Provides for traditional fencing needs with added aesthetic appeal.

Perimeter Fence: Fence line around the outer boundary of a piece of property.

Picket Fence: Any fence in which the fencing is comprised of evenly spaced, vertical slats.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is the main component in the manufacturing process of Vinyl products. There are many chemical forms of vinyl. Some formulations are flexible. Others are termed “rigid.” Our Vinyl is formulated out of this rigid dry-blend compound developed for high output extrusion. Formulation of PVCs are usually targeted for outdoor toughness and color hold.

Post Cap: A cap that covers the end of a fence post. Post caps are most often used in vinyl and chain link fencing.

Post Driver: A tool used for driving fence posts into the ground.

Post and Rail: Any fence made from horizontal rails fastened to vertical posts.

Privacy Fence: A fence with close fitting vertical pickets that block views into a yard or area.

Rail End: The post at each end or corner of a run of fencing.

Rail Spacing: The distance between the rails on a fence. In general, the more rails there are, the closer the spacing.

Raking: The installation of fence sections that allow the fence to follow the grade.

Section: The run of fence between two posts.

Titanium Dioxide: (TiO2) is a chemical additive that acts as a bleaching agent and sunscreen for Heritage Vinyl. Heritage Vinyl contains 10 parts per 100 of TiO2. Because our Vinyl products are manufactured using coextrusion, the majority of TiO2 is concentrated on the outer layer where it is exposed to the sun. This ingredient is critical to the long-term weatherability of our Vinyl Products