Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a superior all-weather decking material. A cedar wood deck is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. Cedar wood decking has a unique grown in the woods preservative oil that means no further treatment of the deck material is needed unless the deck material is in direct contact with the ground. Cedar wood decking material has less than half the swelling and shrinking tendencies of other domestic softwoods. Our wood decking material lies flat, stays straight, retains fasteners and provides a firm base for paints and stains. This allows your cedar wood deck to age gracefully through decades of extreme weather.

But cedar wood decking isn’t just these sturdy virtues. Cedar decks are downright beautiful, with a rich grain, texture and color that complements any architectural style, from traditional to post-modern. Build with today’s Cedar wood decking material and enjoy the lasting prestige that imitators can only hint at.

western red cedar
western red cedar deck

Wood Deck Grade Choices Made Simple

No more puzzling over wood decking grades and material. Members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association have reduced the mumbo-jumbo to four easily understood choices – a wood deck category for every taste and budget.

1.WRCLA Architect Clear – The ultimate in durability and appearance, choose this wood decking material when only the finest will suffice. Usually manufactured to individual order.
2.WRCLA Custom Clear – Stability, durability and urbane good looks to please the most discriminating wood decking buyer. For custom residences requiring fine woodwork.
3.WRCLA Architect Knotty – Slightly knotty – but very nice. Charming rustic characteristics will not affect durable performance of this wood decking material.
4.WRCLA Custom Knotty – Combines hole-free knotty appearance with high manufacturing standards to provide economy and lasting enjoyment of this wood deck material.

The Friendliest Wood Decking Material You Can Work With

Along with all its virtues of beauty, stability and endurance, Cedar decking material is naturally easy-going. Cedar decking’s ultra light weight makes transporting and handling this wood a snap. Its soft texture and straight grain mean quick, clean sawing and shaping. Cedar deck material takes nails and other fasteners without cracking or splitting.

western red cedar steps

A Growing Choice Of Shapes And Sizes of Cedar Deck Material

In addition to the wood decking grades described earlier, Cedar decking material is produced in a range of patterns and sizes that can let you personalize any project. Ask us for details on the full selection of today’s Cedar decking products. Pre-cut wood items include fencing, lattice, balustrades and decorative accessories.